Re: Weighing Freight Car Models with Liquid Gravity

Peter Ness

Hi Jeff,

Thais for the reminder of pine wood derby supplies! Randy, there are your small Tungsten slugs (not shot, unfortunately).

I did not know about Tungsten Putty! Good to know!

Peter Ness

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We keep hearing guys talk about tungsten ... it doesn't "work" for me.

Although tungsten does have a higher specific gravity than
lead/steel ... it is not enough more to make a difference in terms of
how much weight you can actually add to your model trains. We don't
use enough volume of weight to make a difference.
Tungsten is, for all intents and purposes, impossible to
cut/shape/size. Yes, it can be cut/machined - but I haven't met
anyone in the hobby with the equipment to do so. I've never seen "tungsten shot".
To my way of thinking the only advantage to tungsten is that it
isn't magnetic. Neither is lead ...

Have you heard of Tungsten powder?

Or Tungsten putty?

Granted... it ain't cheap.

Jeff Shultz
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