Re: Weighing Freight Car Models with Liquid Gravity

Jim Betz

  If you have enough space for 1 oz of tungsten or titanium you will almost always
have enough room for 1 oz of lead ... think about it.  How much weight do we -add-
to a freight car?  Two to 3 oz. TOPS.  Usually 1 to 1.5 ounces.
  I'm saying there is always room for enough lead.  There's probably enough
room for enough copper/brass!  I know some guys who use pennies for car
weights in their box cars - they say it is cheaper per oz than anything else.  ;-) 
  And it doesn't really matter what scale you are in - although adding weight
is probably physically harder in N-scale simply due to smaller spaces (but you
are adding less weight).
                                                                                           - Jim B. 

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