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Peter Ness

HI Andy,


I had “forgotten” building a pine wood derby racer with my grandson 3-4 years ago…didn’t forget building the racer, but didn’t recall the Tungsten weights.  Truth be told, we used A-Line Lead weights since I had those on hand.  IIRC I did use Plumbers epoxy over the weights.  Thank goodness I could with the car with the weights on top, then cut a slice of epoxy to bring the wright to maximum.


The link has changed, but the website menu is still on top, so not difficult to find the products you reference.


Peter Ness


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I sent this email to the group the last time weights were in a ongoing discussion. This firm has various sizes (discs, pellets, cubes, semi-arch discs plus square and round rods, all 100% tungsten. I have purchased many sizes of weights, plus fine tungsten shots. I felt their pricing was not excessive, and I bought during one of their twice yearly sales.

-Andy Carlson

Ojai CA 93023

BTW, as was mentioned earlier, Tungsten Carbide has a lower specific mass less than pure Tungsten, though it is still much denser than lead. It shatters quite easily, and I had once received a lot of T.C. from an engineering shop for free. I mashed the life out of it with a 10-pound sledge hammer. That makes pieces which will fit in most any cavity or area in any of our freight cars. Need yet a smaller piece? Back to the wrecking anvil!


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We have talked before about tungsten weights, how at a specific weight 16 times greater than water, and  almost double (1.77) the weight of lead and 4 times zinc. I have purchased from this company, Maximum Velocity, a few times, and take advantage of their pre-Summer sales. Shipping in a small flat-rate box is very affordable for such heavy packages! They have pellets, sheets and other various pieces such as round, rods, triangular, rectangular and other shapes which I find convenient. Their link is below.

-Andy Carlson    Ojai, CA




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