Re: Floquil Glaze (reconstitute Floquil paints)

Lester Breuer

Denny I do not know if Floquil glaze will reconstitute Floquil paints.   I added it to existing colors or sprayed it over Floquil colors to get a gloss base for decal application.  To reconstitute old Floquil pints I used an ultrasonic cleaner (UC). The paint had to have a little thinner left in the bottle.  I would start by just putting the old bottle of paint in the UC for a period of time to see if usable.  If not I would start adding an eye dropper of  Diosol (since off the market my mix 50% xylene and 50% toluene) and back into the UC.  I would repeat this process until I could get it usable.  I define usable as being able to brush the paint.  At times I was able to get the paint back to spray quality if strained through a nylon stocking.  It took time and patience to get it done; however, if it was the only bottle I had left it was worth the effort.
Hopes this helps.   Lester Breuer

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