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Matt Goodman

Good to here that the screw forming and screw verticalness issues aren’t widespread. By way of a visual description to go along with the cam lobe references, see attached. 

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Matt Goodman wrote:

I just picked up my pre-war model a couple of days ago. I'll paint the wheels and truck side frames, and probably replace the couplers with #58s. As Eric mentioned, the existing couplers are metal Kadee #5 replicas, with metal knuckle springs. While I'm mildly disappointed that Rapido chose to use these instead of the path Tangent has taken, I did appreciate the rust color (which included the "air" hose).

    Full agreement. The "rust" color of the couplers is too light anyway.

I had to do some tuning to the truck mounting. One truck would rock toward one side of the car body, but not the other; the other truck would rock toward toward the car center, but not toward the coupler.

      I checked my model carefully after reading this, and found no such problem on mine. I pulled out the screws and they look fine.

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