Re: Floquil Glaze

Jerry Michels

Curious Tim, I have returned paint to the bottle for over 40 years, and it has never been a problem.  Some of the original jars I have with "returned" pain is still good after at least 20 years.  In fact I used some just this week.

To the question, Floquil Glaze can be added to a paint mix to give a gloss finish, or can be used on its own, sprayed on a surface to give a gloss surface for decals, and also used to blend in decals as an overcoat.  Glaze is a bit yellowish.  Floquil also made a similar product called Crystal Clear, that was completely clear.  I suppose it might have been an improvement to Glaze, but have no factual basis that is was.  

It is rather interesting to be discussing Floquil's history and uses.  Kind of makes me realize I have been in this hobby a long, long time!

Jerry Michels

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