Re: ModelMaster/Floquil/Paasche paint bottle/cap size and nomenclature.

Rufus Cone

Jake Schaible wrote:

Ralph's mention of waxed paper reminded me that in chem lab we used tons of Parafilm M to seal bottles.
This is a good suggestion.

Chemists often wrap the outside of bottle caps with parafilm to seal the joint with the bottle.  For this, you use the 2" width, which is sold in 250' lengths.  Shipping charges seem high on ebay or Amazon, so I suggest looking at the chem stores of a local college or university where you can pick it up.  Or if you are in a city, there are probably chemical or scientific supply stores that would have it in stock.

It stretches and conforms to the outer surface of the bottle and cap as you wrap it.

One roll would be a long term supply for model work.

Rufus Cone
Bozeman, MT

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