HO B&O Scale Tool Car

Fran Giacoma

I have two scales on my September 1956 HO B&O Shenandoah SD layout which I use during operations. I have a scale test car to move to them and I would like to add a scale tool car to move with it. Railway Prototype Cyclopedia Issue 12 has a great article on weighing freight cars and shows numerous ones on pages 34-37. I am interested in modeling the X3846, which is a converted B&O class M-15F boxcar #176189, shown on page 37. I like the looks of that conversion vs. the one done from a former I-16 caboose, shown on page 36.


I am looking for suggestions on what HO freight would make a good starting point for this conversion. I see Westerfield offers a few of the M-15 class with the M-15H appearing to be the closest (https://id18538.securedata.net/westerfieldmodels.com/merchantmanager/product_info.php?cPath=99_373&products_id=316). Any others?



Fran Giacoma

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