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Bruce Smith


That's a total of 1416​ reefers, with 46 SFRD for an average frequency of just a hair over 3%. Meaning that if you have 100 reefers, around 3 of them should be SFRD.

The asymmetry is interesting but from my perspective not surprising. We generally think of the UP/SP as originating loads for reefers and that is generally true and the genesis of my comment, but there were population centers that would have wanted produce from regions served by the SFRD and so inbound loads could be a source of those cars. IIRC, Richard Hendrickson also noted that the PFE was occasionally short of cars and that SFRD was a preferred choice of theirs for additional cars.


Bruce Smith

Auburn, AL

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               In regard to SFRD reefers, you wrote, “These are pretty good models of these cars and are an essential component of any steam era reefer fleet (unless you model UP/SP).”


Hmm.  Looking at the UP conductor book of Mr. DeBoie, I find:

X3569E had 43 reefers, including 5 SFRD.

X1451E had 32 reefers, no SFRD.


From another UP conductor’s book, the aggregate of all trains had 479 reefers, 39 SFRD.


UP Freight Conductor Traud had an aggregate of 813 reefers, and only 2 SFRD – both carrying merchandise.


UP Freight Conductor Harrison had 49 reefers, and no SFRD.


               I’ll leave it to the UP modelers to decide for themselves if an SFRD reefer is “essential” or not.  The variation in the samples is quite interesting (39 out of 479 for one conductor; 2 out of 813 for another conductor).





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