Re: SFRD reefers (was Intermountain Announces Foobies)

Tim O'Connor

I'll leave it to the UP modelers to decide for themselves if an SFRD reefer is essential or not.
> - Jeff Aley

On the Overland route (Roseville-Ogden-Cheyenne-Omaha) I expect SFRD reefers would be relatively
rare (maybe < 1 in 100) but in terminal areas near big cities, possibly much more common. And ATSF
might have turned over more than a few SFRD reefers to UP for haulage up the LA&SL for delivery
to Utah or other destinations in that direction. People forget that MP (ART) loaded more reefers
in Texas than either PFE or ATSF, and produce loaded on any of those roads in Texas could easily
end up on other railroads for delivery to destinations not reached by the originating road.

I guess I'm saying that each layout has to consider where the cars are coming from, and going to,
on THAT layout, and then let the cards fall where they may.

*Tim O'Connor*
*Sterling, Massachusetts*

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