Free Parts for Chicagoland Mini-Kit

Michael Gross

Dear All,

I attended the 2018 Chicagoland RPM, and received resin parts and decals for this year's mini-kit offering, a Fruit Growers Express truss rod reefer, series 14000 and 20000.  This is a prototype I will not need for my modeling purposes, so I will gladly gift these parts and decals to a modeler who wants to give them a good home.  I will also send a PDF of the instructions.

Note, the modeler will have to provide an HO Accurail wood reef, a Tichy Bettendorf steel under frame (part #3030), 10" queen posts (part #3074), turnbuckles (part #8021), wire or fishing line for the truss rods, brake gear, Kadee 158 whisker couplers, and assorted styrene.

The resin parts are quite nicely done.

If interested, contact me off list at ActorMichaelGross AT gmail DOT com.

Michael Gross
Pasadena, CA

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