Re: Sante Fe Express Box car easy to convert to "normal" freight car?

John Barry


The ARA class BX Fe-24 represented by the Coach Yard model occasionally found it's way into freights as I've seen one photo of an instance in Ohio.  That said, it depends on when you model.  After AMTRAK, they all went into freight service, prior to that, the passenger equipped Fe-24s would be assigned to freight service during lulls in the express business.  So during WWII and Korea or any year during the Christmas rush, green express boxes in freights not so much.

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Subject: [RealSTMFC] Sante Fe Express Box car easy to convert to "normal" freight car?

Hello friends,

please have a look at this model:

In order to convert it to an ordinary Box car, would it be sufficient just to remove the steam line, to add freight car coupler lift bars and a new paint job of course?
(Or did these cars in this form run in freight trains occasionally?)

Many thanks


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