Need B&O M-15k Youngstown door help

Jim King

I'm finalizing patterns (S scale) to create an M-15k from my M-53 patterns.  The "k" was offered as a mini-kit at a 2016 RPM meet and I've collected 2 articles written about that kit but, since I'm working in S scale, more info re: the underframe and Youngstown door is needed.  I have enough info to design the fishbelly underframe but am coming up empty on pix of cars with the Youngstown door.

Does anyone have photos of an M-15k post-mid-40s with the Youngstown door?  The M-53s had the original panel door replaced soon after WWII and, based on an email I rec'd today, the M-15k's were upgraded 1948-49 with Camel hardware which implies the Youngstown door was also used but is not stated as such in the notes.

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