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Hi Fenton,
I haven’t dug out my copy to check, but I suspect John White’s The American Railroad Freight Car might be a good place to start looking.  Other strong possibilities that come to mind are the Car Builders’ Dictionaries and the Car Builders’ Cyclopedias as appropriate for your era(s) of interest.  The Newton K. Gregg Train Shed Cyclopedias contained reprints from those and other publications.  Train Shed Cyclopedia No. 12, for example, pertained to “Tank Cars 1922-1943.”
Hope that helps.
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From: O Fenton Wells
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HO Tank Car Question: I don't know much about tank cars, so I was wondering if there is a resource that explains (in simple terms) the different frames, bodies and cars for a non-knowledgeable modeler like me.  I would love to know which frames work with which bodies, in a modeling sense.  I understand the info is out there but it has never been important enough to me to do the digging.  So is there a resource for guys like me e.g "Tank cars for Dummies"  ??
Thanking anyone in advance for their help.
Fenton Wells
On Tue, Nov 13, 2018 at 3:13 PM Garth Groff <sarahsan@...> wrote:

Richard Hendrickson wrote an article published in the UNION PACIFIC MODELER, volume 4 (1998) on the Sinclair fleet. According to his article, most of the fleet was composed of GA Type 1917 cars in both 8K and 10K, the larger recently offered with Sinclair lettering by Tangent. Sinclair did have some 10K ACF Type 21 cars, including a few with insulating jackets, both offered by Life-Like models. Apparently they did not have any ACF Type 27s like the Intermountains.

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On 11/13/18 2:22 PM, Clark Propst wrote:
I have Sinclair, Mobil, DX, and Standard oil jobbers on my layout. I have an extra Intermountain 8K gal tank car that's excess. Any of those oil companies own anything like the IM car? I do have two Tichy frames if they'd help with a kitbash?
Thanks, Clark Propst

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