Re: Need B&O M-15k Youngstown door help


On Tue, Nov 13, 2018 at 12:00 PM, Jim King wrote:
Does anyone have photos of an M-15k post-mid-40s with the Youngstown door? 
I don't recall seeing any photos of M-15K with Youngstown doors. Attached is a photo that looks like a group of M-15 wagon-tops being staged in Vincennes, Ind. prior to entering the rebuilding program at the Washington, Ind. car shops ~1955-1956. They all still have their Tatum flat steel doors.  The date you give 1948-49 I believe coincides with the memo issued to upgrade the doors on the M-53. It may have included the M-15 wagon-tops, but according to Jim Miscjke, who has a copy of the memo, the program did not move forward and doors were only replaced as needed.

I may add that the Pullman Library has general arrangement drawings from Standard Steel Car, of the original M-15 that would give you all the information needed to model the original fishbelly underframes.  I have found that all the resin kits produced to date have the truck center distance too short.

Bob Witt

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