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Two years ago you discussed building SAL high and low side gondolas. How did
the project turn out? I don't recall seeing any comments about SAL gons, and
I always wondered if you could locate enough deminsional data to create an
accurate model. Looking forward to hearing from you.
Larry Sexton

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Dear Davis, Al, Byron, Warren, & All,

I had no idea my comments would bring so many responses! I hope they
originally helped the fellows who were talking about manufacturing car intention was to help them, not steal any of their thunder!

In any event, you guys passed on a lot of helpful information. Believe
me, I don't take any of your criticisms the wrong way. Frankly, my
composite boxcar models include more than a few compromises. Yes, the T&G
siding is way too "spacey", doesn't include enough boards, and the outside
braces are too thick and incorrectly spaced. The car is off by a few feet
dimensionally. I originally wanted to scratchbuild the entire car side and
tried to build each individial component for weeks. I was living in Korea at
the time and had plenty of time in the evenings and on weekends to get the
job done. But I didn't have the right tools and therefore had to compromise
with the major components.

I originally wanted to cut up and reposition car parts from a few
Westerfield cars until I found that Funaro & Camerlengo made a 1923 ARA car
that closely resembles the SAL car. My ulimate compromise was to cut up
that car and rebuild it's basic components with other higher-quality parts.
Yeah, I'll take it for now...but down the road I fully expect to either try
again from scratch. OR...try talking to Al, Martin Lofton or Steve Funaro

The "B-3 Rebuilds" turned out well...they are the models with the
steel-sheathed rebuilt sides. They were a simple scratch and I cast the
parts with Alumilite. The guys on the PM list took forty copies in a few

Sorry to ramble on again, but you guys actually seem interested in this

Byron, my next big project is SAL's high and low side gondolas. They are
practically the same car...they just have high or low sides. Think you guys
can help me get the rivet pattern right???


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