How long did wood car siding last?

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How long did wood sides last on a box car or caboose? I know the all-
wood W&LE gons lasted an appallingly short time, but that makes
sense. Gons take a beating! I remember seeing one close up in
Chagrin Falls in the early 70's, bent all out of recognition. (I
wonder why noone makes a kit of a beat up gon? Resin? Fits the
small batch reqirement, but maybe brass is more appropriate. That's
the only justification for brass freight cars I can think of.)
Anyway, I remember the NKP 1000-series caboose at Bellevue, I wonder
how much of the body has been replaced over the century-plus? Sure,
the underframe is now steel, but is it possible it retains some
original wood? How about wood passenger cars? I rode on the East
Broad Top narrow guage in Pa. this last fall, and they have an old
coach that has an interior that looks original from God knows when.
My parents house is as old as I am, and retains the original
sheathing. Of course, it hasn't moved in the 45 years since...
unlike the rolling stock, rocking and flexing down the rails...

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