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Ed Hawkins

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Thanks again, Tim.
>> Eventually UP adopted gray paint for most covered hoppers <<
Do you know when, at least the year?

I don’t have an exact answer but can provide some guidance that may be useful. Information & photos about UP’s 1958 cu. ft. covered hopper cars were published in RP CYC Volumes 28 and 30. 

UP 92000-92099, 100 cars built 11-40, CH-70-1, GATC, painted UP red oxide. Re# 1-100 in 1948 and re# again 10001-10100 in 1959-1963.

UP 101-500, 400 cars built ca. 3-49, CH-70-2, GATC, painted gray. Re# 10101-10499 in 1959-1963.

UP 500-999, 500 cars built ca. 2-52, CH-70-3, UP-Omaha, painted gray. Re# 10500-10999 in 1959-1963.

I have not found in-service photos of the CH-70-1 to help determine when they may have been repainted gray. What is known is that new UP cars of this type built in 1949 & 1952 were gray, so it’s likely that repainted CH-70-1 cars in 1949 & later were gray.

Incidentally, none of the UP's 1958 cu. ft. covered hopper cars were an exact match for the ACF-design InterMoutain HO model. The GATC cars had welded roofs vs. the ACF model with riveted roof seams, and the locking bars were different. The 1952 UP cars had an unusual Murphy roof variation as well as a substantially-different hatch cover arrangement & cover locks. 

Note: From ORER data it’s apparent that the original  UP 500 was one of 5 CH-70-2 cars built in 1949 removed from service prior to the 1952 cars being built. Car number UP 500 was repeated as part of the 1952 order, and thus the railroad used 500-999 for the 500 CH-70-3 cars built rather than 501-1000. 

Hope this helps. 

Ed Hawkins

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