Gulf tank cars


Just some odds and ends:

I found my scale rule and measured the longitudinal course of the IM Type 27 8k tank as 31'7". The longitudinal course of the Tichy tank was 31'11".

Out of the box, the Gould/Tichy tank car doesn't model anything we know of.

The underframe and a IM 8k or 10k tank can be kitbashed into early 1920s SSC-built Gulf Oil cars.  The underframe and a Tangent radial 10k tank can be used to make FTX 10073 et al (coming up with a post-1926 GATX series is the biggest challenge) . A stretched underframe can be used to kitbash late 1920s NATX cars (which Speedwitch sells as a kitbash-in-a-box).

The 4-course 10k tank can be mounted on an ACF Type 27 underframe to model USA-G War Emergency tanks (mostly SHPX, and mostly rebuilt to insulated tanks ca. 1947). It can also be used to model 4-course Standard Tank Car builds circa 1920: Soo 22504 (GATX 27289) and Norfolk Southern 3008 (GATX # unknown to me). It could also be cut down to make the 4-course 8k UTL X-3s rebuilt from 6k tanks.

FTX 8223 ( ) looks to me like a STC radial-course car.

David Thompson

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