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Bryian, Ed, Tim,
please excuse the delay - I am still far from being retired and have tremendously to work (but this is good for earning money to buy more freight cars ;-)).
Many thanks for all your help! It's entirely enough, and I will (let) paint the CH-70-1 in grey, too.
Thanks again and greetings
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Both the Intermountain and the Kato are good choices though neither one is a perfect model without some modification if you want an accurate U.P. model. If you upgrade the Kato car and make some glaring correction to the Intermountain car it is very difficult to distinguish which is which in a train.
I modeled the CH-70-1 and CH-70-2 using the Kato car back in the late 90's for the WRPM meet here in So Cal. I have also done some more recent modeling of them too using both the Intermountain and the Kato cars. You can easily bring the Kato car's detail up to par with the Intermountain by cutting out the modeled grab irons and re-placing them with brass grab iron. The models is fairly ridged even though I would still recommend cutting and replacing them one by one and giving the model some support as you go.Though time consuming It is not that difficult to do. As mentioned, the lock bars on the Kato car are closer to the U.P. Prototype. You will need to re-paint the cars if you are modeling the 1948-1950 era, The Kato closed side version of the U.P. paint scheme  was not properly painted. They were a very light grey, almost white and they never made the open side in any U.P. Paint scheme to my knowledge. The hatches on the car are a bit low. I replace mine with the Detail associates part FC 6212 also replace the walk ways with plano gypsum part #090. You could also nit bash the Intermountain car and the Kato together I suppose but I prefer just making correction to the Intermountain car without going that route.
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Ed, would the old KATO kits be a better choice to model these? I recall the general
consensus was that the Kato models were closest to the General American cars.
The Kato model was derived from the design used by GATC with a welded roof and GATC-version locking bar arrangement. So it would be the better choice in some ways for modeling the UP CH-70-1 & -2. A downside is the molded-on grabs & other details that I believe the InterMountain model is better. 
The UP CH-70-1 came with wood running boards, whereas the CH-70-2 cars had U.S. Gypsum.  The now-available Kadee U.S.G. running board could be shortened to fit. Hand brakes & trucks will require changes & improvements for both models. 
Ed Hawkins


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