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Shipping fresh fish contaminated a car, and such cars couldn't be used for other commodities until thoroughly cleaned--if ever. Generally fish cars were among the oldest equipment a road owned, and were likely permanently assigned to that service. In our era these would likely have been wooden reefers nearing the end of their service lives.

Not sure if this applied to whole frozen fish, but probably so, especially if special racks were involved. Packaged frozen fish (like fish sticks in the box) would not have contaminated a car.

Consider that most of your products would likely have come from one or two sources, and so your choice of road names should be limited to whatever railroads served those sources.

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On 11/24/18 8:43 PM, Scott wrote:
I have a small switching layout and want to add a frozen fish wholesaler.  Probably use the Walthers Cornerstone R.J. Frost building.  I model 1950.  What would be some good frozen fish reefers?  I am thinking the SFRD RR50 (Athearn) for some west coast fish.  A CP or CN 8 hatch reefer (Funaro) for Canadian fish.  Did PFE Super Giants move any fish?  I have a Sunshine kit of it I bought from Richard.  What would come out of the Seattle area as I assume they shipped out a lot of fish.  Not very familiar with NP reefers or MDT or ART if they hauled much fish.  Lastly are there any available BREX cars for frozen fish in resin or plastic?

Scott McDonald

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