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These were Pullman-built, circa 1952 or so, and were 10' IH, likely the only 50' low-height PS-1s ever built. Many were used for ammunition (as in aircraft bombs) transport from the Navy weapons depot at Hawthorn, Nevada to the loading docks at Port Chicago in California, which explains their 10' door openings. Eventually interchange cars from the various military services were consolidated under the DODX reporting marks. At least one car survives, in the Western Railroad Museum collection in Suisun, California.

Far post-period, but these were the cars which exploded in the SP yard at Roseville, California in 1973 after a hot box fire got out of control. The cars were loaded with iron bombs for use in Vietnam. My parents lived just a few blocks from east yard throat, but the explosions were at the west end near the village of Antelope.
When the UP took over the SP circa 1996 and began modernizing the yard, several live bombs blown clear of the fire were found buried under the tracks.

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On 11/26/18 12:33 AM, Scott wrote:
Found this photo while searching around the net.

U.S. Navy Boxcar

Don't see many 3ft? auxiliary doors!  Neat looking car.

Scott McDonald

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