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Craig Zeni

On Nov 24, 2018, at 8:43 PM, wrote:

2a. Re: Two Questions About Paint Primers
From: Benjamin Hom <>
Date: Sat, 24 Nov 2018 11:37:57 EST

RJ Dial wrote:
"I don't mate the trucks up until the end (other than when I install the coupler boxes to make sure of height alignment)."
Seems like a backwards approach. I work out weight, coupler, and truck mounting early in assembly as there's less impact on the model at that point than later trying to re-engineer a model that's almost finished. I then take off the trucks and (as needed) the couplers and reinstall them later.
Precisely what I do...I build the basic body with no details then work out the 'mechanical' parts of the trucks and couplers. I try very hard to not seal the couplers in draft gear but to make them removable or to use the Kadee draft gear outright. For painting I will use 'shop trucks' or some other way of supporting the model. I do like the model supports I've seen in this thread too. But getting the trucks and couplers worked out before detailing is essential in my methodologies.

Craig Zeni
Cary NC

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