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Silver suggests that the car is intended for nonrevenue service.

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Brian, Ralph, James, Bob,
I apologize for the delay again, but thank you for your thoughts of course. Yes I am now convinced that this is a former "ordinary" tender. The cat walk at 3/4 heigth confused me, this makes the tender look much larger than it actually is.
Nonetheless it's interesting: -it is painted silver, not yelllow, so not intended for use on a turbine. And the engine is #4014, which never was converted to oil firing (this was #4019), but Big Boys never ran with any auxiliary tenders AFAIK.
Many greetings
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On Fri, Nov 23, 2018 at 06:50 PM, BRIAN PAUL EHNI wrote:
Looks like a turbine fuel car. UP converted one Big Boy to oil as a test. This may be that loco. 
I agree, but don't claim to be a UP expert. Unfortunately it not a freight car.

Attached is an example of a similar tender.

Bob Witt

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