Re: Large wheel made by Otis Iron & Steel Company

Daniel A. Mitchell

Yes, and the photo included is a typicallarge Herringbone gear with matching pinion. However, the original picture of some large toothed wheel was NOT a Herringbone gear. The tooth shapes were all wrong. It was more like some huge tractor wheel with growsers, or maybe some crushing wheel from a mill.

Dan Mitchell

On Nov 28, 2018, at 6:23 PM, Mike Calo <michaelcalo3403@...> wrote:

Revisiting an old topic, since a picture came across my Pintrest feed today.  There are quite a few articles on herringbone gears on the web; just type "herringbone gear" in your search engine and prepare to read information  ranging from the basic (Wikipedia) to the brain-numbing technical (Carnegie - Mellion University). <Giant herringbone gears.jpg>

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