Wooden boxcar sheathing


Hello, all,

Based on a number of photos of boxcars that appears in the books on the PRR
put out by the PRR Tech & Hist Society (e.g., books on Pittsburgh and
Lewistown) taken around WW I that I have seen, there is pretty clear evidence
that parts of the vertical sheathing were replaced when needed - presumably if
they had been damaged or otherwise were beginning to give out. The result is
sections of a car side where the paint color is notably different than that on
the rest of the car. While this is photo evidence alone, I have had this
hypothesis corroborated by others knowledgable in car history. IOW re-
sheathing did not always involve the whole car side.

I was also puzzled by references in some recent messages to USRA boxcars
having "wooden frames." I am under the impression that all the USRA cars were
steel underframe.

George Pierson

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