Re: Tupperware Rexall Chemicals General American hopper

Tim O'Connor

 > I would also like to learn more about these cars.  With my very limited knowledge, I have to
 > wonder if this was a small group built as a predecessor to the Dry-Flo cars. Peter Ness

Peter, you need to locate a copy of Eric Neubauer's publication on airslides, published
as FREIGHT CARS JOURNAL #9. Most of the FCJ's are available for free from David Casdorph,
but not #9.

GATC 3500's (Dry-Flo) built in 1959=1960:

ATSF, BAR, CB&Q, GACX, IC, MP, T&NO, UP, DOWX, DUPX, DYLX, ETCX, MOHX (incomplete list)

GACX marked cars leased to Quaker Oats, Rock Island, PRR, CPC, Firestone, Hercules,
Allied Chemical, US Industrial Chemicals, Rexall (50334-50354), Anhaeuser-Busch,
Premium Plastics, Dow, Gulf, L&N, ACL... (incomplete list, as of 1962)

Tim O'Connor

Tim O'Connor
Sterling, Massachusetts

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