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AFAIK, the WP only applied enameled medallions to their 50' single-sheathed boxcars, wooden cabooses, and some cranes and plows. Just about all their other freight equipment had painted heralds. Medallions were applied to steam locomotive tenders, and cabs on most diesels bought before the Perlman green era (some late diesels appeared to have had vinyl stickers). I suspect that many diesel medallions went home with employees, possibly with permission. Altogether, there were probably about 800 pieces of equipment that carried the metal medallions, so yes, they are rare, but do turn up on the used market at high prices.

WP medallions appear to have come in several sizes, and in at least two types: round corners or square.

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On 12/6/18 2:42 PM, Robert Heninger wrote:

I'm not sure how widely they were applied, Tim, but I believe that they fell into disfavor because they had a habit of working loose and falling off the cars, thus endangering any traincrew or other bystanders. I believe the remaining medallions, as PFE referred to them, were victims of the WWII scrap drives, as were many other wonderful old pieces of equipment.

A surviving UP shield, WP feather, or SP "sunset" medallion would be a neat piece of railroadania to own.

Bob Heninger
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