Re: Railroad Prototype Cyclopedia Reprints

Tim O'Connor

Any PDF document can be printed by commercial services that are online. You can
get hardcover, or perfect bound, books done. It's very reasonably priced!

The solution, I think, is for Ed and Pat to set up something like Ian Cranstone has
done with the tank car Tariff books. That way the prices will settle down to match
the "replacement cost" of the custom prints. Ed & Pat will continue to get a share
of the new prints, and the books will never be "out of print".

My tariff book is huge (758 pages), and it is hardcover - at $48 well worth it.

Tim O'Connor


 I bought one of the reprints of #20 recently . With the price of what people are paying
 on ebay for #21-24 there is definitely a market. Anyone on here have any pull to get that done?
 $143 for #23
 $128 for #24
 Matt Smith

Tim O'Connor
Sterling, Massachusetts

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