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The tanks-interior bulkheads are shown in phantom on the general arrangement diagram I have. There are only two compartments.

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Your example is curiouser and curiouser. The volumes work out to about a 2% +/- loss. The diagram says 8004 was a three-compartment car, and the photo clearly shows four extra lines of rivets that would represent the four dished bulkheads of a three compartment car. But only two domes show on that same photo.

Thanks for the info, though. I appreciate the help.

Richard Townsend
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An interesting question, and certainly and obscure area of study.

So let me give you a case to chew on. The WP owned 60 AC&F high-walkway oil tanks of 10,000 gallon capacity, with a 40 gallon expansion dome in series 1020-1080: .

At some point in the early 1950s, 1058 was rebuilt as a tender 8004 for pile driver/crane 90 (curiously, a diesel machine as a crane, but equipped with a steam generator for pile driving duties). Unfortunately I can't send you to link for 8004, as it is not on the WPHS site, but I do have a diagram in a book from which I can quote, and my photo is attached.

As 8004, the car had an oil tank with a capacity of 2798 gallons, and a water tank holding 7016 gallons. This totals 9,814 gallons for a loss of 186 gallons. According to the diagram, the tanks each had a curved end of their own similar to the visible ends hidden under the shell, rather than a single straight bulkhead. The original domes were replaced with others 36" in diameter. No dome capacity is given, but I don't think this matters since it was expansion space, not tank capacity.

Have fun wrestling with the data.

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On 12/7/18 2:01 AM, Richard Townsend via Groups.Io wrote:
If a 10K single compartment gallon tank car were converted to two compartments, how much volume would it lose? Is ten percent a reasonable estimate?

Richard Townsend
Lincoln City, OR


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