Re: Photo: Transformer Load

John Barry

By sheet, are you referring to the large trapezoidal vertical that extends nearly to the railhead?  If so, that "sheet" is in fact one of the four fishbelly channels that make up the underframe of the Fe-16 class 50' XAR.  The 100 car class was re-built from double sheathed Fe-K/M cars in 1937.

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On Saturday, December 8, 2018, 5:05:47 PM EST, David Soderblom <drs@...> wrote:

Note the poor condition of the tarp, which appears to be canvas covered with a thick paint. Has the car been set out to check for damage?  The ATSF box coupled to it has a sheet of something under the door that would interfere with movement.

The Rutland car the other day had its pockets bolted to the side sill, not riveted, which seems odd.

In any case the shipper seems to have modified the car. I wonder what SP’s reaction was once they figured it out.

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