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many thanks for this impressive list! Months ago someone posted a very nice photo of a - once - yellow MKT wood box car. I saved that photo, perhaps I will have a car painted and weathered like this one.
Great news that the "State-of-Maine" scheme has been introduced sometime in 1953! This is one of the most beautyful freight car color schemes ever in my eyes.
your are right, of course. From now on I will include that info below every posting (except I am forgetting it...).
Nice idea to run that B&M car nonetheless - and: yes I purchased it...
Thanks again to everyone.
modeling the early post-war years up to about 1953
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some other colorful cars (in add to SOM cars mentioned) from 1953:
reefers (lots of 'em), TP&W box cars (green), B&O Timesaver (blue &
orange), Western Pacific (several billboard paint schemes), Rutland (!!),
Monon (white letterboard stripe), MKT and MWR (yellow), EJ&E (green),
PRR (merchandise service), M&StL (green), MP (yellow-cream-blue), etc

Bruce, you could make it really challenging like Mike Brock's 41'6"
Branchline box car - which to date has stumped everyone who has played
as far as I know! ;-)

Tim O'Connor



A couple of pieces of advice. One, instead of us guessing your period, it might be helpful if you include that information in your post. I know you have previously, but some of us cannot remember what we had for lunch today ;)  Second, you are, of course, free to model what you want, and while many of us feel free to comment extensively here, I would never walk into your layout room and say Johannes, that B&M car isn't correct for your period! but I'll think it… and if you ask me what I think, I will tell yyou…  Now, if you feel a little being a bit of a trrickster and harnessing your inner Loki, you can, as I do, include a few things that are NOT period correct and then ask viewers to spot the incorrect item (kind of a model railroad which of these does not belong game).


Bruce F. Smith           

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Tim, Peter,
many thanks for your help. GREAT photos! Unfortunately 1955 is a little late for my projects, but that paint scheme is really nice and looks beautyful within a freight train of mostly brown or fcr cars. Hmmmm, to buy or not to buy - this is the question (again...).
Many greetings
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Betreff: Re: [RealSTMFC] When did B&M start with blue/ black paint scheme?

There is a photo of a freshly painted B&M 40' 1937 AAR box car in original
"minuteman" lettering with a shop stencil of 12-1955.

In June 1956 (perhaps earlier) the B&M was receiving blue & black 50 foot
PS-1 box cars from Pullman Standard. In 1957 they followed up with 40 foot
PS-1's with blue doors and a black right hand side panel.


Patrick B. McGinnis controlled the B&M about April 1955 and left the New Haven.  Herbert Matter designed both New Haven and B&M schemes. I do not know what B&M P&L drawings may say on dates for the box cars, but I believe the earliest the Blue and Black scheme could be in service is late 1955 to early 1956. NH P&L diagrams were still being developed for equipment through 1956.  Point being, just because there is new leadership doesn’t mean paint schemes are always the he first thing to change…
Peter Ness

when did B&M start to paint box cars blue with black doors? I am interested in a 1937 AAR 40' box car in that paint but need to know the earliest date possible to use it.
Many thanks

Tim O'Connor
Sterling, Massachusetts

Tim O'Connor
Sterling, Massachusetts

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