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My 1958 ORER lists 79 as still in service from the original 300. Some of these were probably restricted to trap or LCL service by then, though there are no restrictions noted in the listings. There is a 1960 photo of 8058 at Johnson City, Tennessee, in Henry Maywald's CLASSIC FREIGHT CARS, Vol. 7. The car carries a large white ring on the upper part of the door. Inside the ring and on the panel below are some sort of service restriction lettering, but it is unreadable in the photo.

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On 12/9/18 12:22 PM, Bill Welch wrote:
These are one of the few original deliveries of the 50-ton USRA cars to serve into the 1950's in their original form with only AB Brake change. Westerfield has a great kit w/correct decals for later service. Several photos exist with many from Col McCoid photos in Bob's Photo collection.

Curiously both the Clinchfield USRA 2-bay hoppers and boxcars had CC&O reporting marks through their service lives while rest of the fleet carried CRR reporting marks.

Bill Welch

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