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This apparently was a Mt. Vernon stock design built for a number of railroads. Sacramento Northern bought 24 new (later they had more ex-WP cars), the QA&P had a handful, some went to the Monte y Pachuca (Mexico, maybe?). Several west coast shortlines besides the SN got used WP cars. Several original and ex-WP cars from SN survive in museums, and some are/were used on the Fillmore & Eastern movie train.

The WP was by far the biggest buyer, with orders for 800 and 1,500, plus 200 nearly identical ventilators that were rebuilt as plain boxcars by 1930 for a total of 2,500. All the WP cars were rebuilt with steel ends about the same time as the ventilator conversions.

The military purchase is new to me.

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On 12/9/18 12:14 PM, David via Groups.Io wrote:
I think this is a copy of a Western Pacific order?

A very late variation of the ACF channel-side hopper:

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