HO RTR For Sale


Clearing out a few odds and ends. Prices are $25 each shipped in the US. Contact is jaydeet2001 [at] yahoo.com

Intermountain/Pacific Freight Enterprises (Terry Wegmann) PFE R-30-18 #61384 (1942 scheme) [ROS 2-42]
** Buyer's caution: to my eyes, this car looks to be more of a tan color than what I would expect PFE orange to be. **

Red Caboose GS gondola UP 65178 [NEW 6-51]

Atlas ARA 1932 box SAL 18718 Silver Meteor [JAX 10-56]

Atlas ARA 1932 box Erie 76642 [MDV 5-42]

Tangent GATC 3-compartment tank STCX 9234 [SHN 5-30]

David Thompson

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