Photos From The New York Historical Society's Digital Collections

Bob Chaparro

Most model railroads are never completed. Mine suffers from the owner's habit of pursuing digital archives. In this case, I was looking for (and found) Sunkist billboards for my Citrus Modeling Group and went from Getty Images to the actual source, the New York Historical Society's digital collections

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Once there, I wondered what railroad items were in the collection. They have literally hundreds of photos of elevated train infrastructure being removed in early 1941 under a search for "Railroad". Queries for "Train" and "Pier" (as in d"own by the docks") were more fruitful.

Below is what I found.

I hope you enjoy these and can make use of the photos. These can be enlarged quite a bit while retaining good detail.

Bob Chaparro

Hemet, CA


SP Boxcar 83468 & PRR Ventilated Boxcar 73922

PRR Boxcar 7?746 "Empire Line"

Railway Gun & Camouflage (?) Painted Boxcars

Four MTD Reefers

Assorted Boxcar Rooftops

B&M Boxcar 70027CT Plus Gondola

Partial UP 122156 Boxcar

Assorted Boxcars

NYC Boxcar 198604 Plus Other Boxcars

IC Boxcar 28000 (Partial) & VRR Boxcar 8610

Many Boxcars On Car Floats

SOU Gondola 180010 & NYC&HR Reefer 131147

New Haven Boxcar

Partial Great Northern Boxcar (Hopper Box?)

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