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I saw this car under reconstruction in April 2002 and was told by members that it was ex-SP, built about 1880. This is echoed by a piece in the museum's magazine, THE REVIEW, for March 2002. It states, in part:

"Work continued on new doors for CCT wooden boxcar 2001. We estimate that this car is around 120 years old."

A point to you, however, is that in later issues the built date of this car is given as 1910. Perhaps I was fed incorrect information, or perhaps some information has more recently emerged.

Is there any firm documentation this is a Holman car? If I can remember to do so, I will discuss this car with archivist Bart Nadeau when I'm out there next month.

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Garth G. Groff wrote:

Garth Groff said:

The Western Railway Museum is currently restoring one of their Central
California Traction boxcars. It was apparently built around 1880 by the
SP or CP, but it still had some original sheathing (redwood, IIRC; that
stuff lasts forever).
Actually, I think it's a 1910 Holman car, but still quite durable.
Tony Thompson

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