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I am assuming you are talking about a 10' IH, 40' boxcar with W-corner ends that RC is so well known for? If so, go here and you will find that the T&P had four lots of these cars: .

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On 12/12/18 10:14 AM, espee4441 wrote:
Forgive this post (please) if this has been covered previously. On a short trip to the BC Royal Museum in October, afterwards I swung by the lhs in Victoria and was fortunate enough to pick up a T&P 40 foot box car kit from RC for less than ten bucks. That is Canadian dollars btw, about seven and change in USD, I'll take it!

Searching the 'net I have found some close examples of TP boxes, but looks like the doors are wrong and depending on car the side sills need to be adapted. Would someone please mind going in-depth on this or kindly point to message history if it has been beat-to-death already? I don't want to post any links just yet since it may be against group rules but the site has an OK side photos of 121107 and X4556. Ends seem close on the RC model for x4556 and overall the latter seems to be closer to the RC model. 

Thanks for your guys time.

Tony Pawley

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