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James E Kubanick

I am surprised to see that the OER tracing shows only six of these cars remaining in 1958. I worked at the HJ Heinz plant in Pittsburgh in 1957-58 and these cars would show up on one of our B&O sidings to be loaded with spent tin plate sheets that had been run trough our stamping machines to form glassware closures (bottle and jar lids). This must have been one of their final assignments,

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you have a keen eye for the obvious

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While the car was BUILT in 1919, the presence of a NEW stencil from 1919 (being the weight stencil and not the built stencil, which would have been towards the right end of the car side) is clearly incorrect as the car would have been reweighed repeatedly before receiving steel sides and likely after receiving steel sides and before getting the side extensions.  Technically, the model depicted in the photo does not have ANY “BUILT” stencil.



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The build date is correct, but most had been rebuilt by 1953 with steel sheathing replacing the wood. You should try to buy the 1953 ORER reprint from the NMRA! The PRR listings actually show the car classes!!

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Hello friends,

I consider buying this PRR G24 scrap gondola:

But of course I have some questions.
1. How many of these cars were in existence?
2. What's the appropriate time frame? Model has AB brakes, but a NEW date 1919 which obviously is very wrong.
3. Were these cars used in interchange service, or were they restricted to PRR homerails, or even to some specific regions/ companies?

Many thanks and best regards

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