Re: Prototype Rails2019 Clinic Schedeule and Descriptions

Todd Sullivan

Bill, I agree.

In my way to Prototype Rail 2018 last January, we ran smack-dab into the blizzard that roared up the coast just before the event.  We took shelter near Charleston SC, and the next morning, I got to practice my ice rink driving skills as we navigated 2 lane country roads for about 3 hours.  Fortunately, I have a good car (VW GTI) and great tires (Conti ExtremeContact DWS 06), and they helped a lot.  We finally abandoned the country roads for the Interstate 95, which moved at near-glacial speeds (and a 1 hour dead stop northbound), after an accident blocked our route and my car slide sideways to a stop from 10mph.

Apparently, learning to drive in Central New York winters has its advantages.

Todd Sullivan.

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