CN 8-hatch reefer [was CP 8 Hatch reefer]

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Scott and Friends,

On page 24 of James H. Harrison's SACRAMENTO NORTHERN GALLERY is a photo showing a CN version of one of these cars in an SN train passing Lake Temescal in the Oakland Hills. The photo is vaguely dated as the "early 1950s", but a nearby auto appears to be a 1955 Chevrolet Nomad.

Strange to see a CN reefer on the SN. My suspicion is it came down through Oregon to Bieber on the Great Northern where it was handed off to the Western Pacific. It was likely picked up by the SN at Stockton and sent via traffic rights over the ATSF to Pittsburg (no "h") and SN home rails. The SN handled WP traffic to Oakland destinations not served by the WP, but reached by their half-owned subsidiary the Oakland Terminal Railway. Crazy routing? Yes, and the SN track was abandoned when a short connection via city streets between the OT and the WP was punched through at the end of February 1957. What the car was carrying is anybody's guess.

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Garth Groff 

On 12/15/18 7:18 PM, Scott wrote:
First I model 1950.  

I have several unbuilt Funaro 8 hatch reefers.  I seem to collect them for some reason.  I was looking at  Black Cat Decals site and they have several sets for the CP reefers.  Which sets would be appropriate for 1950?  I see they have a "Spans the world" which I hope works.

If you havent tried Black Cat decals you should give them a try.  I got a set for the Funaro CP mini box and they where excellent.  Crisp print, opaque and on super thin film.  

Scott McDonald

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