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Do you mean dark like the attached photo? Taken about 1975 in South Los Angeles. Count on 30 years of weathering though.

That's spilled dog food on the ground that the forklift operator was going to be cleaning up.

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There are three photos in 2 books that indicate that NP changed the paint color on their box cars at some point during the '50's.

First, on pg 27 of Northern Pacific Color Pictorial Volume 1,  is a photo showing at least 7 NP box cars. Two are much darker than the others.,  In the book The Northern Pacific by Dale Sanders, pg 26 shows two NP box cars, one of which is lighter than the other. On pg 151 are two NP box cars, one lighter than the other. Apparently, NP changed the color of its box cars in the 50's and later. These photos were taken in the '50's.

When I built the SS model of the radial roof DS, I painted it in the lighter shade. The Rapido car is a bit darker. Note that I am comparing two cars in the same photo, I do not claim anything about the NP paint color in general.

Mike Brock


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