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Alexander Schneider Jr

Thanks, Dennis and Bruce. Since I’m building this caboose for a diorama where only major brake components can be seen, the critical point is that I need two brake wheels. And since it’s back in the K brake era, I won’t have the elaborate mechanisms shown on the IRM photos.


Alex Schneider


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On Sun, Dec 16, 2018 at 02:33 PM, Bruce Smith wrote:

Typically, the 2nd wheel pulls the far end of a 2nd lever that then pulls the brake lever in the same direction as the other wheel.

Not sure that's real clear, so let me try. Most cabeese I'm familiar with have a THIRD brake lever pivoted at its midpoint on a bracket on the center sill somewhere. the handbrake rod that normally ends with a chain connecting to the the brake cylinder push rod connects with a chain to one end of this lever, with another length of chain connecting to the push rod. The rod from the other hand brake connects to the other end of this lever. Winding up either (or both) hand brakes pulls the push rod out and sets the brakes; both hand brakes must be released to release the brakes.

Here are some photos of IC 9792 in the collection at IRM, one shows the hand brake at each end:

Dennis Storzek

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