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John Hagen <sprinthag@...>

A comment that really has little bearing on the matter at hand, but I absolutely love the black and yellow scheme.

I understand the desire on the part of management to set the passenger units of on a different level, particularly at a time when passenger business was losing money but still……. To me the black/yellow WAS Erie.

I’ll go back to my lurkers corner now.

John Hagen


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Don, I can shed some light on this question, MAYBE.


When the ERIE’s PAs were delivered, they wore a black and yellow paint scheme, adapted from the freight locomotives.  Later the ERIE bought E8s, which were delivered in the two-tone green scheme.  Then management decided that since the PAs were passenger locomotives, they too should be two-tone green, like the E units.


Some years ago, I arm wrestled with some other guy on eBay to buy a fairly thick file regarding the repainting of the PAs into the two-tone green.  It was a bit expensive but I wanted that file.  What it include was that the PAs were to be repainted in the shop in Jersey City, but that each engine was to receive a different manufacturer’s paint, all mixed to “the same” colors.


Now they were close enough that AFAIK, no one ever said “Hey, those engine’s colors don’t’ match!”  But the point was, and is here, that the one shop did this so that they could keep tabs on the performance of the paint over time, presumably hoping to identify “the best” paint.


So in this particular case (which doesn’t mean you can generalize) only the one shop had this program.


It’s my intention to examine these files and if the information warrants, write an article about what was discovered.  There is enough longitudinal record keeping that I think they may have come to some conclusion.  I need to retire from real work so I can do that.


BTW, in black & yellow, in two-tone green and in the (sometime in the future for this list) gray, maroon and yellow, the PAs did haul freight cars. *whew*




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    I have another question with regard to paint suppliers on a road the length of the NP. Would the paint bought

at a specific time be used by all shops on the railroad or did different shops use different suppliers in order to 

shop as locally as possible? Different suppliers in different locales that a railroad served could easily cause a

difference in color or shade of a color.


Happy Holidays, Don Valentine


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