Re: Tichy USRA clone kit

James Miller

I need help - I need a drawing of the National bottom door bracket and rollers as used on the USRA DS boxcars. I'm building this car in 1" scale and my primary reference is "Railway Prototype Cyclopedia, vol 16". Unfortunately, all photos I've seen of these cars show the door guides at eye level - makes it tough to determine their full shape. Neither have I found the guides in those Car Builders Cyclopedias I have access to. Since this discussion has been addressing the door guides, I figure this was a good time to ask. The drawings referenced in these emails concerning this door guide are close, but they're not quite a match to the pictures of the USRA car. If anyone can supply this information, it would certainly be a big help.
Drawings of the 'center sill end casting' and the 'end sheet diagonal rod casting' would be a help also - I wouldn't have to estimate dimensions off the photos.
Thanks -- Jim Miller

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