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Apparently I was mistaken about WM 4201 having Duryea underframes. There is no mention in Ed Hawkins' AAR Boxcar list, or in his All-time Duryea list. That said, missing from the Duryea list are D&RGW boxcars 67500-67999, and apparently 69400-69899 (underframe type isn't specified in Jim Eager's D&RGW Color Guide, but he says they were identical to the 68000-series). I didn't find the WM 901XXX series of cabooses there. One (or maybe two) of these survive in Staunton, Virginia. I know 901882 has a Duryea underframe because I crawled under the car to photograph same. See attached.

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The following link will take you to a comprehensive and up-to-date set of tables for Steel Boxcars with information about numerous options:

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