Re: More Barriger Pics:

Todd Sullivan

David Thompson wrote:

Not on the Clinchfield, despite the weather:
This photo must be in Buffalo, NY, given the NYC diesels, Buffalo Creek boxcar and Pittsburg & Shawmut hopper.  The Lackawanna Iron & Steel Company, later owned by Bethlehem Steel, had a huge mill complex in the Buffalo suburb of Lackawanna, and these loads of coal are most likely headed there.  The steel mill was the largest mill in the world during the 1940s.  Wikipedia has an interesting write-up on the history of the company, which started in Scranton PA.

All that salt can't be good for longevity:
I think the white stuff is more likely limestone for steel-making.  Ashtabula was the New York Central's port on on Lake Erie for the transshipment of steel making materials.  Also, I've viewed several large salt mine operations in Upstate New York, and the raw salt storage piles are normally not as white as these piles.

Todd Sullivan.

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