Re: WM 4201 -4450

Brian Carlson

On issue with the BLT underframe is the main crossbearers are only in the correct location for 6 ft doors. Ed Hawkins posted an article on modifying the 50 ft underframe for 8 ft. doors. I did one conversion myself. Hard to believe it was 16 years ago!!



Brian J. Carlson, P.E.

Cheektowaga NY




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The door is problematic too, since it appears to be an early Youngstown style.  I don't offhand know of a source for this door in 8' width.  But the underframe is a perfect Branchline design.  Perhaps the relatively heavy crossbearers near the edges of the door opening may have contributed to the similarity.

And I second the desire for a welded side model, five-panel or six-panel.

Ron Merrick

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