Re: Covered Hopper End Cage Upgrades

Robert J Miller CFA

When you are on the Plano Model Products site click on the link for “Customer Photos” then look for Jeff Eggert’s C&NW 4427. There will be a photo of the etched pieces on a Walthers PS2-CD 4427 low hip model.


From: on behalf of Ken Adams <smadanek44g@...>
Sent: Friday, December 28, 2018 6:27 PM
Subject: [RealSTMFC] Covered Hopper End Cage Upgrades
I would like to upgrade the end cage on a Bowser 70 ton 8 hatch ACF covered hopper (1948 build) to a much more detailed finer looking state. I have 4 more Intermountain 70 Ton covered hopper kits on order through my LHS to expand the SP covered hopper fleet for my San Ramon branch. They may come some day.  In the meantime I want to re-do the Bowser kit I recently acquired and possibly a pair of old MDC 70 ton hoppers sitting in a box since the 1980's.  An etched cage like the one for CP car would be an ideal starting point. Plano at one time offered an end cage to lower the hand brake for more modern cars. I this could be adapted, it would be a starting point. Unfortunately the Plano website does not have a picture of the etch. No 3 D print kits showed up on Shapeways or the Google searches. 
There is a Black Cat limited distribution end cage etch for a CP Cylindrical covered hopper and a thread on MRH about building it. 
Anyone with info that might help please post.   

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