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I am almost in total agreement . Almost as using an oil less compressor can cause problems when using acrylic paints.

I’ve used oil lubricated compressors for 30 years with solvent based paint with no problems.

But I found I had one heck of a time trying, unsuccessfully, to get really good results with acrylic paints. The reason? A little old drop of oil in the airstream causes a bubble to appear in the paint on the model. And those drops can show up more than you’d think. When using turpentine/lacquer thinner/Floquil Dio-Sol, any droplets would get absorbed by the thinner. That can’t happen when using acrylic’s.

My new compressor from Paasche is oil less.

John Hagen.


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For those interested in the cosmetic airbrushes, a page of reviews with links to pricing.

Keep in mind these reviews are focused on the cosmetics and their applications, less on the airbrush.  In some cases there are comments on nozzle size and pressure control.  One of the big “negatives” is “no carrying case”  While I have the box my airbrush came in, it would not serve as a carrying case which is not a negative, my opinion.


When I first saw one of these advertised my first thought was “Heck, if it can pump makeup, paint should be a breeze…maybe less clogging (I don’t really get clogging now) and easier clean-up (again, not really a problem but I always think it is as for me it’s about 10 minutes...maybe I should watch some you tube videos). My other thought was maybe since it’s for cosmetics it won’t be as loud. Everyone in the house knows when I turn on the compressor…


Garth, I have a 1HP Craftsman 135psi compressor with attached 3 gal tank. It came with a pressure gauge and regulator which works fine in normal airbrush pressure ranges.  I had to buy and attach a trap (moisture/oil) and a fitting to connect the hose for my Badger air brush. I bought mine years ago when it was on sale for $99.99.  Now it’s on sale for $119.99.{creative}&utm_term=pla-4578091564185289&msclkid=f93d970969261a87695dcb234383d393

It is not quiet and with rubber feet it’s better to build a shallow wood box to keep it from wandering around a concrete floor when in operation.


It is not what many would recommend (i.e., compressed gas cylinders, oil-less pumps, etc.) but it works for me and I don’t have to lug a tank somewhere to get it refilled, or worry about much maintenance. YMMV. If you already have airbrushes, the Craftsman compressor costs less than some of these cosmetic airbrushes and a little more than others.


Peter Ness  


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I actually have two airbrushes. I do have a regulator/moisture trap, if it works (from an estate sale), but no tank or compressor and really no place indoors to use same. I tried propellant, but used up most of the can in just a few minutes. Spray cans on the patio during a windless day are my usual way of doing business.

I was really interested in the compressor, and mainly for weathering with diluted acrylics.

Jon and John are correct. That $40 turned out to be just a 30-day trial price. Then they whack you with more, and will probably squawk when you try to return the machine. No doubt a purchaser will be enrolled in a regular ship-and-bill program of make-up bottles forever, and other products sent on approval with a very short return period. That said, similar brush kits are available from other manufacturers at retail outlets like Ulta, Walmart, etc.

Yours Aye,

Garth Groff 

On 12/30/18 3:18 PM, Doc Bond wrote:

Don't spend money twice. That little weenie compressor they show in the advertising won't do much of anything. Tough to tell with the airbrush. It maybe a quality one but you can get good less expensive airbrushes of know quality. I would pass.

Gordon Spalty


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